Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 24, 2015

Not going to lie, this day has been long, and it's been hard!  It still is hard right now.  But I know what I'm doing is right. My companion is pretty cool, Elder Keetch from Idaho.

Well to start off, Jack and I were kind of late checking in, so we didn't get companions right away. Then we got separated in this giant orientation meeting.  For the closing hymn we sang "Bring the World His Truth" (Army of Helaman) Man that was cool! The spirit was very strong.  

I'm getting to know everyone and they are pretty cool.  Well, lights out in 5 min!
Elder Verdoni (Brandon)

June 25, 2015
Day 2 has been much easier, but I'm so tired. OH GUESS WHAT? All the First Presidency of the Church and members of the 12 are on campus this week talking to all the new Mish Presidents (Michael's!) (His older brother is serving in Ghana Kumasi and they are getting a new MP next week)

Also that pedigree chart came in handy! (He gave mom a hard time for making one & laminating it thinking it was silly) I found out that I'm related to an Elder in my district! Elder Foster from Dallas, Texas. He's related to Fleetwood. (His great great grandfather)

Also something funny, all the Elders in my room are from small towns, really small towns.  Good guys, I love them but their towns range from 120-250.  That's so crazy! My graduating class is double all their towns put together.
Miss you lots, 
Elder Verdoni


  1. When does he leave the MTC? I need to send him a care package.