Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

Weekly Update

So Fort Wayne is probably the funnest city on earth. There's so many things to do, actually all I see people do is smoke and mow their lawns lol. haha! 

I love my area. There's literally a different church on every corner. I'm not kidding. Oh and the weather here is so random. Like it will be raining then five minutes later it's sunny with no clouds and then four hours later it's raining again. I don't understand. 

Also I'd much rather take the AZ heat over this. The highest it's gotten is like 90°F maybe, but it's so darn humid. And I bike a lot, so I find myself drowning in my sweat quite frequently. The other day we biked 30 min south, uphill, and it was the muggiest it's ever been (at least for me) then we got to the person's house and they didn't have A/C. It was death. In AZ you can escape most of the heat by being is shade but here the shade doesn't do that much, haha. 

Fun fact, to prevent missionaries from being jumped, we got rid of our name tags and now we have to wear silver grills. Mine says "Elder 'Ca$h money' Verdoni." We do this to blend in. We also have to wear at least 3 pounds of other jewelry and brass knuckles on our right hand. But other than that, the mission life is great. I'm loving it so much. We have four people on date for baptism! It's so exciting. Anyway I love and miss all of you!
Elder Verdoni

Letter to Mom
So about the bike, there was one left behind by someone so I gave it to a shop to fix up. It's nice. It should be done by next week or hopefully this one. But right now I'm just borrowing one. I got rained on too! poured on actually. We got soaked. It happens quite a bit actually. So anyway, I'm adjusting to missionary life pretty well. My trainer is very good. We have four people on date for baptism.

Oh, also there's this area down by Dayton where there's a large population of Ghanaian people that speak Twi. So maybe Elder Michael Verdoni (his brother in Ghana) and I will both be teaching Ghanians.

Elders being silly!

One soaked Elder

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