Monday, August 31, 2015

Aug 31, 2015


As you can tell, I didn't know what to put as my subject. I bought these sweet shorts last Monday and got some ugly ties from goodwill. They were like 3 dollars each. Oh my I love them so much. 

Then we had specialized training on Tuesday, three zones were there, that was awesome. We had really good training on the doctrine of Christ, we focus on that a lot in this mission. Every meeting is about that and better teaching techniques. It was a slower week. The weather has been amazing. Most of the days it never got higher than 75°. Yeah AZ is still probably an oven. (only 105° with 80% humidity)  

Unfortunately we've had a lot of things fall through this week and some investigators fell off date and one moved away. But we are still moving forward, and speaking of moving, we finally moved! Oh this apartment is much nicer. It has A/C and a washer and dryer inside!!(sorry Michael) (brother in Ghana who hand washes everything) oh so so good. We are trying to move our work more up north so this is good. Plus it's right next to the church which is good since we are on bikes .Yesterday this drunk guy who looked like a goat tried comparing God to Santa claus. Drunk people are so annoying. and there's so many. 

It's pretty cool, I can see myself changing. I am different than who I was before. I understand a lot more and I actually love studying the scriptures. My faith in Jesus Christ has increased so much, and I've come to know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ a lot more and what I mean to them. I am so grateful to be on a mission. I know this is the Restored church of Jesus Christ. I love it here. PEACE
Elder Verdoni

Letter to Mom
and yes i moved the apartment is sooooo nice, much better.  It's a little smaller but so much better. and really close to the church . The weather this week was beautiful. never got above 85°, a little humid this weekend though. Oh they put these tracker things in all the cars to monitor driving. The President taught about the doctrine of Christ. He is awesome. He loves drawing diagrams, he had four huge chalkboards full of stuff. He's so funny I love him. 

I don't know if I ever told you about them, but we have senior service missionaries here, the Bassetts. I love them so much, they treat us like their grandkids. Elder Bassett does so much for us. Every Sunday night we go over to there apartment and have ice cream and have a spiritual thought. On Saturday it was the last hour of the day and we had this assignment from Bishop to see a less active, so we decided we should do that. Elder Bassett took us to this guy's house. Turns out he hasn't been to church in a while because he's going through a hard time. He has four girls and they don't know. He wants to fix it but doesn't know how. He was crying at the end of the prayer and really needed a visit. It was a really cool experience. We had dinner at our bishops house last night, it was really nice getting to know him and his family. That's been my week so far! love ya!

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