Monday, September 14, 2015

Sept 14, 2015

Second Nephi Chapter 33 Verse 3 is Life

WOOOOO WE HAD ANOTHER BAPTISM. It was awesome. They are my first people that I found and taught from the start. It is so cool to look back and see how they progressed. That was a really good baptism and it's so special knowing they have the guidance of the Holy Ghost now. 

So yeah, I walked outside yesterday morning and I could see my breath. It's the middle of September. like what? I'm not used to four seasons. It feels like Christmas weather so I'm so weirded out right now. But experiencing fall will be cool, maybe not so much of the negative degree weather. Not too excited about that and hopefully I wont be on a bike either, but if I am, there will be some sweet stories to tell. 

We had a really cool opportunity to do some service for this family so they could keep their kids. It was awesome to help but I'm scarred for life. You can ask me if you really want to know haha, it's just nasty. The other Elders and I had to pray to keep it together and we sang hymns to get through it.  The family was very grateful and it was so worth it.

I had interviews with my mission president this week. That was nice. He really uplifted me and encouraged me. Oh yeah cool miracle, so right after the baptism three people came up to us and started asking questions and we gave them a church tour with one of the ward members. It was really cool because it was exactly what we needed. Definitely a example to me that if we set goals and try our hardest to work for them the Lord will help us accomplish them. I love being out here. I love serving my God. I love Him and I know He loves me. I also love you, later!
Elder Verdoni

Letter to Mom
There is this Polynesian family that moved into our ward recently and we stopped by to say hi. They ended up feeding us spaghetti, garlic bread and ice cream, then gave us a ride home. I love them so much. The spaghetti though was mostly meat and some noodles, soo great!. oh and they love Elders.

Our Zone

 Sick cat shirt (the flash is in my face so you can focus on the cats)
(The three wolf shirt is well known in our family!)

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