Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sept 8, 2015

Week 9? yeah 9 I think

Sorry I'm emailing on Tuesday, we had a zone finding activity for labor day. Our whole zone went down to the park downtown where they were having a big festival, there was a lot of weird drunk people there.We found 27 new investigators and a lot of them were families. After we were all done, we started sing hymns., it was a really cool experience. 

Also really cool, the other day it was pouring rain and of course we were riding our bikes. My pants were dripping wet and my shirt was see through. It's been very hot this week like in the 90's which is weird out here, but it's like whatever. I don't mind drowning in my own sweat anymore. Wife points. 

We had a great zone meeting this week. It was really powerful. We learned hot to better recognize the needs of people so we can tailor the doctrine of Jesus Christ to their lives the way they need it. We also learned about the Sabbath day and why and how we should use the scriptures in teaching. But over all I got out of it was that this whole gospel is about change, changing into something better, to draw closer to God. 

I've changed my entire life making this decision to come out here. This short two years will change the rest of my eternity. I've already changed since I've come out here. I did not come out here to come back the same. I won't be completely different don't worry. But I will know who I am and who I am to God, my loving Heavenly Father, and what He wants from me. I love this gospel I really do. I know that this is true. I know that this is the one and only true church of Jesus Christ once again restored to this Earth. I know this because I asked God. I read the Book of Mormon and prayed to know if it was true. God answered my prayer. 
I love my mission so much!!
I love all of you too! miss you!
Elder Verdoni

Letter to Mom
We had cool experience the other day, we were walking around in this neighborhood and these people drove by a couple of times looking for their dogs. So we decided to say a prayer to find the dogs. In the prayer we heard barking so we walked in that direction. We were prompted to go down this one street and found this huge field. We thought the dogs would be there, so we started to look for them but couldn't find them. I knew Heavenly Father has the power to let us find the dogs, so I was ...let us find the dogs already haha. But as we were starting to doubt, I turned around and saw the dogs! It was crazy. Then we chased them into their backyard. Really cool experience about prayers being answered when you have faith. Then some guy in a big red truck yelled at us to get a job. It was so funny because as Elders, whenever we see other Elders, we yell at them to "get a real job!" but this was for real. Elder Heiner and I were laughing so hard. So that's been my week!  

 Fort Zion - Stone Cold, 2-2-5!
Chilling at home
 I'm hipster now?
Elder Bassett made me a hat and I'm wearing Sister McLaws's glasses

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