Monday, October 26, 2015

Oct 26, 2015

Baptism and the Temple!

This week was awesome! On Friday we went to the Indianapolis Temple. It is so beautiful. The temple is truly the closest place to heaven on Earth. I felt heavenly Father's love for me so strongly. 

Saturday "P" and "Ky" were baptized!! That was amazing, they fought hard for that and I am so happy for them. I really love Fort Wayne so many miracles happen here. It's been hard these past couple of weeks, but somehow we are hitting all of our goals. I have no idea how it is happening. But we are doing it. 

We truly can do all things through Jesus Christ. I have a firm testimony of Him. I know that Jesus is the Christ. I know He is the son of God. I know they love me. They have helped me in all of my struggles. Being out here has changed my life. 
Elder Verdoni

Letter to Mom

This week was really great!! Well first off on Monday I found out I love Burlington Coat Factory! It is one of my favorite stores. Wednesday - District meeting this week was awesome! I trained on Revelation through the Holy Ghost and Finding by the spirit.

WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE ON FRIDAY. The Indianapolis temple is so pretty. So pretty. It was really nice to sit and relax in the Celestial room. Really amazing feeling of pure peace after a stressful couple of weeks. It was funny because I forgot my temple recommend so they had to call President Wimpy. He said to give me a hug and tell me that He loves me. So that was worth forgetting it. 

The Bassetts Took us there. They are service missionaries for family History. They treat us like their Grandkids. They literally do anything for us. They also have a 30 year old down syndrome son. He is so fun. I really love him too. But we found out they are leaving Wednesday back to Utah. Really sad. Every Sunday night of my mission we went over to their apartment for ice cream. 

The next day, Saturday, we went back to the Indy temple for our recent convert temple trip! That was so cool!! Really blessed out here and really loving it. My comp and I get along really well. And yes we are being fed more so that's good.

Temple Trip


Working so hard 

Halloween package received!

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