Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

Way Too Cold

Well if you couldn't tell, it's getting cold over here. yay I love the cold :(
We walked outside on Sunday to walk to church at 7:45 am and guess how cold it was. 28°  I was dying. And it's supposed to get like 40 degrees colder with wind and snow and ice. and I'm on a bike. Yayay. haha so excited. Well I get to tell cool stories though right?

We are having two baptisms on Saturday! "P" and "K", They are related to our last baptism "C" and "K". I'm so excited, they have come a long way. Being a missionary is so cool because you get to see how the Gospel of Jesus Christ really does change lives. It's truly amazing. It also can be heartbreaking, but the good weighs out the bad. I've changed my attitude so far. At every opposition I face I see it as one step closer to a miracle, and it's so true though.

We get to go to the Indy (Indianapolis) temple this Friday. I'm so so excited for that. Oh fun fact, I almost got hit by another car this week. That was cool. Love you all!
Elder Verdoni

Letter to Mom
We saw a lot of miracles yesterday, we found four new investigators! Also really cool, so someone in priesthood bore testimony about indexing and family history. He said if it wasn't for indexers he never would have found them! So good work! (Indexing lets you type names from old records into a database that people worldwide can use to find their ancestors. I do quite a bit  Indexing info)

Ya It's cold!

 Training Meetings

2.way too cold

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