Monday, November 2, 2015

Nov 2, 2015

Day light Savings is wack. Honestly I will never understand it. So weird. (We don't change times in Arizona)

This week was pretty good! We had zone conference and it was awesome. Not much happened this week unfortunately. Oh transfers are next week so there's a chance I might be moving but not really. 

It is getting colder and we should be expecting snow any week now! Yay so excited. I just can't wait until it's in the negatives. We are finding more to teach. It is going pretty well. 

Halloween we had to be in early and we deep cleaned our apartment, much needed. Other than that not much! love all of you hope everything is great! Love you!
Elder Verdoni

Letter to Mom
The week was good. It got pretty cold on some days but it's starting to warm up. We had zone conference on Tuesday. The main take-a-ways I got from it was the Importance of the Sabbath day and why there is a big focus in the Church for it now, and teach toward the temple and to be guides not teachers. It really helped. Wednesday we got to go on exchanges. That was so nice. It felt so good to be a junior companion for a day haha. No stress or worry. 

Saturday we picked up a new investigator "D". He is from Angola Africa (we teach a lot from that country).

Haha my shoes are messed up. For some reason I lean on the side of my feet when I stand and it wore them down and broke the waterproof seal. So they stink because they are wet. So yes I would love new shoes. 

Cool with an Umbrella

 Zone Conference 

 Saying Goodbye

 Really? 4 months

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