Monday, November 30, 2015

Nov 30, 2015

Yes my week was good. I got to experience what a tripanonship feels like (3 Elders.) One of the elders had to be with us for a day and a half. It was really fun. So hard to focus.

Thanksgiving was a blast. So in the morning our ward had their turkey bowl. It was so much fun, three straight hours of football. They had us four elders as captains. My team was the championship team. It was a blast. I ran into bishop multiple times, but he still gave us assignments so I think he forgave me.

Yeah, so we had three dinners that day, that was rough. rough. It hurt, but it was good. One was at our recent converts house, the "F's" then right after that we went over to a Polynesian family in our ward, and then directly after that we went over to an investigators house. I thought I was going to die. I slept great though.

On Saturday we went to the Indianapolis temple and did baptisms with "C" and "K". Later that night I assisted in the baptism of one of the sisters' investigators. Elder Dahl performed the ordinance, I just stood in and helped her up. It was pretty cool.

Church was good as always. Love you!
Elder Verdoni 


 Elder crossing?


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