Monday, December 28, 2015

Dec 28, 2015

woo ya

Merry late Christmas! Hope you all had fun! Christmas was a blast over here. It didn't snow though :/ just lots and lots of rain. Got to Skype and call my fam so it was a lot of fun. Wow the kids have changed a lot. It's kind of insane. But that was cool.

This week was good. Tuesday we had an awesome Christmas Devotional. I had to get up at 4:20 am and couldn't take a nap at all cause I had to drive lol. I eventually got to bed around 11pm. But that was a lot of fun. We had like a talent/skit show and then a primary program thing, lunch, and a devotional! It was so much fun.

Christmas was great! We went to our Branch mission leaders house and had brefix there. The Sisters gave us socks and made a tie out of Christmas paper lol, then we all talked! After that we went to a lunch/dinner at a members house. And then Michael called! (My brother on a mission in Liberia) It was a lot of fun.

It's kind of funny, so with mission vehicles we have a certain mile limit for the month, and we have been over it for a week so we have been walking everywhere! And we live at the top of this huge hill and everyone we teach lives at the bottom. It's about 45 walk to get down and about an hour and a half to get up. My legs are in good shape. We have been doing this for almost a week, but we have only had to walk up the hill once (starting about halfway.) Every night Heavenly Father has provided a ride for us. Sometimes they were random people, less actives, or members. It's been amazing.

Can't believe I've been out here for over 6 months! that's insane. It's so much fun out here though. I've changed so much. I love who I am. I've definitely come a lot closer to my Savior Jesus Christ. I trust Him with all my being. I can rely on Him for all my strength. I hope you all remembered why we really celebrate Christmas. I am so thankful for all of you and your examples to me. I love talking with all of you. I miss you and love you all!
Elder Verdoni

Monday, December 21, 2015

Dec 21, 2015


Well Im in Kentucky! It's pretty sweet here. Everyone is a UK fan (University of Kentucky) and everyones favorite color is blue. No joke they bleed blue over here. I love it so much here. One of the main reasons is that I drive a Silverado! After 6 months of riding a bike my prayer was answered and I drive a truck. Well only for a little bit, I may or may not have been in a tiny accident so my driving privileges may or may not be suspended haaa. :D but its all Gucci. (meaning good)

It is so hilly over here, lots of hills. And the people here are great. It's amazing, my companion and I are both pretty new to this area so we have been doing all that we can to find people to bring the gospel too. And God is providing. He is bringing the elect and prepared to us. It's truly amazing. We see so many miracles everyday. I do miss Fort Wayne but I prayed fervently that heart would be brought to Maysville and I am falling in love with this place more and more. I know that Jesus Christ is my savior. He is my rock and my salvation. He is my Strength and my support. I have trusted in Heavenly Father and the Atoning sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ and will trust in them forever. I love you all.
Elder Verdoni

Letter to Mom
But hey I'm in Kentucky! It's completely different than Fort Wayne.  There is no such thing as flat. I'm right next to the river so our area actually covers some of Ohio too! so I'm officially a tri-state missionary. We have the largest area in the mission. It's so big. I went from pretty much the top of the mission to the bottom lol. (location) It's so much fun though. I'm second half training Elder Grover. Meaning that he has been in Maysville for a transfer already. He is a pretty solid missionary. I serve in the Maysville branch. It's a good branch. We get fed at least once a week I've heard. But we have two meals on Christmas, don't worry. But it's great! love you!

His grandfather was in Maysville for a zone conference as a missionary about 55 years ago!

 My two boys

The truck/my love

Monday, December 14, 2015

Dec 14, 2015

Oh my goodness I'm leaving Fort Wayne!! I am getting transferred. I'm so nervous haha, but so so excited. Fort Wayne is my home. I will find out where tomorrow. Haha sorry I never know what to email about on transfer days I'm always so nervous. I will be training again!

This week was really good. We had interviews with President and sister Porter on Tuesday. That was really nice.We had an amazing District meeting Wednesday. Trained on church. but oh my goodness I'm leaving I cant think right now haha.

Sorry I have no time, but I love all of you!
Elder Verdoni
Saying good-bye to Elder Taylor

Monday, December 7, 2015

Dec 7, 2015

Merry December!

Hope all of you had a great week! I can't believe that is already December! It's warming up here actually, which is weird. It got up to 50 the other day. 

We are finding more people to teach and have one almost progressing investigator! He is loving the Gospel so much. Thursday we did weekly planning as a zone and then afterwards we set our baptism goal . It was a really spiritual experience. I know with enough faith we can hit this goal. We all felt the spirit and we know that God set this goal. It reminded me of Moses a little. The spirit that told Moses to split the red sea is the same spirit that told us this goal. 

This will be an amazing white Christmas. after that I played the mission song on the piano and everyone else sang! That was pretty good. I'm actually getting a lot better at piano. I retaught myself how to read notes, and the funny thing is is that I barely have anytime to play haha. 

Transfers are next week! super excited. So don't send anything after Wednesday because I might move. I will find out next Monday. 
Love you all!
Elder Verdoni

Letter to MomI miss the temple lights so much honestly. (Mesa Temple lights are beautiful) Oh also tell the Relief Society thank you for the package! I loved it so much! 

Oh and really cool. We have such a good relationship now with our members in the ward, especially the Bishop and his whole family.  Also this Guatemalan family, love us. It's so cool. Brother "R" went to Guatemala and brought us back hand made ties. And "WC" is an older member in the ward and we have been helping him out a lot, he gives us food and also Christmas lights and a Christmas tree!

Elders in Action

Sleeping under the Christmas Tree