Monday, February 22, 2016

Feb 22, 2016

Good Morning!

This week was pretty good!
Monday- Had zone fun day. We made tacos and played basketball. It was a lot of fun. Long drive though. My zone is awesome.   

Tuesday- Did service at a museum and did some service for a member. We went and saw a less active that we have been working with for a while and He said that because of reading the Book of Mormon he wants to start changing his life to bring more positivity to him and his friends! We are now helping him make plans to invite his friend to church so they both can go. And he hasn't been in years!! He is so excited. It was awesome. Later we had a lesson with a former, and the spirit prompted me to put him on date, so we did! He is now on date for baptism for the 12th of March!  

Wednesday- Interviews with President Porter! It was awesome. It was different than the other ones. It seems President and I have a much better relationship. We talked about what has changed.  We then talked about what humility is. Its not beating yourself up, it's recognizing your strengths and talents, and asking Heavenly Father who I can bless and how I can use them. It was really awesome.

Thursday- Walking day! everyone in the mission had to walk, it was nice weather so it was OK.

Friday- Did some more service and talked to some people.

Saturday- IT GOT UP TO 74 it was so nice not having to wear suit coats. So nice.

Sunday- I gave a talk in sacrament about Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and Covenants, I went a little over and I had to shorten it. lol. Not use to that happening. But this Branch is awesome. I love all of them so much. They are very supportive and very welcoming to our investigators. The Branch President is such an amazing guy too. He really cares and loves for his branch. Then later we took the sacrament to some people and they really appreciated it.

This Gospel is true. The Book of Mormon is true and it's power is real and amazing. I know that through the Doctrine of Christ Christ can change who we are. The power of His Atonement is unlimited. 

William and Bonnie
William and Bonnie are a miracle. They are being baptized this Saturday!! They are so amazing. We have been working very closely with them. They love this gospel so much. They cling to it. They have made such big changes to their lives and I am so proud of them. They made us come over for dinner Saturday haha. We have such a good relationship with them but they also have an amazing relationship with the branch. They want to come to our weddings too haha. they are amazing. . Well I love you!!
Elder Verdoni
.Sister Bukhari, true homies for life

Me duh (hair isn't too bad for doing it myself lol)

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