Monday, April 11, 2016

Apr 11, 2016

Snow! in april?

For some reason it snowed the other day. Only in Cincinnati would it be in the 60's and 70's in January and snow in April. I am ready for the summer. 

This week was real good. Heavenly Father is truly hastening His work We are seeing a lot of miracles here. From one women calling and saying that shes ready to be baptized to small random tender mercies. We are seeing a lot of progress with the people we have been working with. The work is being Hastened. 

I love being out here and having the opportunity to testify of Christ to everyone all day everyday. It is tiring but I love it. I know that this Church is true.I know That Jesus Christ lives.
Elder Verdoni

Letter Mom
Anyway this week flew by. Like real fast. It got cold for some reason. As soon as suit season ended the temperature dropped. It snowed the other day. Snow. haha I am so confused. So this week we had 3 exchanges. I was wiped haha. I went with Elder Bluth Tuesday and Elder Ethington Wednesday.  Elder Hulet, one of the AP's trio'd with us on Friday. I had a cool experience Sunday night. So it was 15 minutes before we were supposed to go in and do numbers. I really didn't want to go in yet. So we went through the potentials sheet and found these people. So we went and knocked on their door but they were not there. We started knocking on some doors around them to see if they knew them. We ran into this guy "T" who actually used to be taught a while back. We had a good conversation with him. I asked him questions that were put into my mind. And we were able to bear testimony of The Restored Gospel, Joseph Smith, The Book of Mormon, and Jesus Christ. We left him knowing that we knew. It was a really nice experience. I love being able to testify to others of Christ.

Oh and guess what? I am teaching this woman from Ghana! (His older brother was in Ghana for a year) She loves the gospel and is on date to be baptized the end of this month! We are also teaching another woman who is on date for the 23rd! And Saturday our bishop called us and said that a man in the ward called him. This man has a non member wife that has taken the discussions many times and comes to Church a lot. She said that she is ready to be baptized! So our bishop called us and wants it done as soon as possible! its so exciting. The work is hastening! Love you!

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