Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23, 2013

We had Zone Conference this last Wednesday. It was awesome. President Porter unloaded on why we are a chosen and valiant generation. He talked about who we were in the spirit world. It was awesome. I learned a lot about who I was and who I need to be.

Then he talked about the Doctrine of Christ. Everything we are all called to do in this life is to help others increase their faith in Jesus Christ and continue on the path to Eternal life. It was awesome. Then towards the end, He talked about the sacrament. 

We were all in the chapel and he talked about Jesus Christ. Who He is, and what He went through. And what the sacrament means. It was powerful. The sacred personal witnesses I had in that room were life changing. I will never miss another sacrament meeting again. But it's all of what we make of it. Is it really real to us? The line that really struck me was, "Are you really being touched by the blood of the lamb when you are holding a cup of water?" It was awesome. I had a very powerful witness that this is all real. 

Then the next day we had leadership, and it was awesome. It helped me direct my work and to know what to focus on. It was fun seeing all the Elders and Sisters.
Love you!!
Elder Verdoni

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