Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June 1 , 2016

Letter to Mom -Memorial Day the Zone had an activity so P-day is today. 

The finding activity on Monday was fun. We got the whole Zone together and we found 22 new investigators. It was tons of fun. Yesterday we had our leadership council. It was President Porter's last I'm pretty sure. The main message that I got was pretty much That the spirit is everything. It is the gateway for the atonement to work in us and change our natures. It was awesome.

This last week we did a lot of service. like tons. But guess what? I sang in Sacrament meeting! We had 3 nonmember friends of a youth come and sing with us and another member. We sang the Efy medley. It combines As Sisters In Zion with We'll Bring The World His Truth. It was actually sounded really good! I was nervous at first because our ward is massive but I was pretty confident after a while. President and Sister Porter happened to be there so that was great haha.

You know its really hard to convey through email, and I'm sure Michael (older brother on a mission in Liberia) can agree, how much I have changed or what I experience. Or what I go through. It's actually just difficult to convey it anyway. But I will try my best. In the past 11 months, I've been through a lot and experienced a lot too. I've changed so much. I know who I am. I know my potential. I know how to live the doctrine of Christ and how to teach it. I honestly had no idea what it was before my mission. I'm not afraid to do hard things. But to tell you how I know these is impossible. But I love you mom!!! I never want to leave. I'm so pumped for these next 13 months haha

Sister Bukhari and Sister Gessel

.Elder Hulet, my first ZL - He goes home in two weeks :(

Elder Bluth

Leadership meeting

Zone Workshop

Brandon in the background!

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