Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016

Fasting is a blessing

We had one of the greatest miracles yesterday. We Fasted as a mission for The Elect to come forth and for those that care on date will be baptized. Well last night we went to go drop one of our investigators. Meaning stop teaching him because he wasn't keeping his commitments, anyway long story short, his heart was changed. He was literally a different man. He kept telling us how much happier he is and how much more joy he had. He was pointing out all the blessings he has been receiving. He is now on date for baptism. 
This Gospel is true. Heavenly Father truly can change the hearts of those willing to let him. I love you!
Elder Verdoni

Letter to Mom
This week was awesome. We went to the Temple on Tuesday. We went to the Columbus temple. I really really love the temple. I received some clear revelation that brought me great peace. President and Sister Porter were waiting in the Celestial room and both hugged me. It was really special. I love how the Temple can purify you. Burns out all the impurities. That was a great day. 

Friday I had to put on a zone conference for a bunch of mini missionaries. It was us, our Stls (Sister Training Leader,) and another zone leadership. It was a lot of fun. It was like an actual zone conference. I had a ton of fun putting it on. Ii was very spiritual. 

The Porters leave today. So sad. But I'm really excited for the Welchs (New Mission President.) I am learning a lot of more of the weight of my calling and the responsibility that I have, and the capability that I have to do it. 

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