Monday, October 24, 2016

Ball is life...Ball State

Wow this week has been an adventure! MY new area is in the Muncie Young Single Adult Branch. It's a blast. My proselyting area is Ball State University. Pretty much all day everyday we talk to college kids. It's is fun. Very different than what I am used to though.

Ball State is in Muncie, Indiana. I'm back to Indiana. It was homecoming weekend so you best believe there were parties all weekend. The institute building is literally on Frat row. We are surrounded by frat houses. It's legit, but yeah tons of beer haha.

Cool experience though, we found this guy on campus who kept asking us a ton of questions, almost like he was trying to bash with us. So we set up a time to talk. We go to the return appt and he has a list of q's. Now he was really trying to cross us in our words. as we kept talking and trying to defend and explain, 

By the spirit I was able to realize that he wasn't trying to bash at all. Here is a kid that has been trying to search for truth. So I decided to bear my testimony. Then Elder Palmer bore his. The spirit filled the room. The countenance on this man changed. He then said "now I know that you both are 100% about what you believe. And now I want to read the Book of Mormon." I couldn't believe it! The Spirit touched his heart. It was amazing. 
Well I love you!!!!
Elder Verdoni

 Our District

 Homecoming week!

 Saying goodbye in Montgomery

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