Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Lesson of Humility and Forgiveness

Oct 31, 2016

Hello family and friends. I hope everyone is having a fantastic Halloween. and for those who don't celebrate it, I hope your normal Monday is normal. jk I hope its great too. 

Well this week was a great one. Weather was perfect. We didn't have a car so we walked everywhere, it was great! I love walking places, I really do. But man we saw some great things, the work is picking up. But as I was walking on campus the other night I remembered this story I had experienced and I thought I should share it:

Way long time ago when I was with Elder Lemieux, we knocked on this one man's door. He came outside and started talking to us. Then sooner than I could blink this guy starts bashing (arguing beliefs, trying to disprove) with us. He started arguing and everything. I was angry. I let my pride get the best and I wanted to prove to this man that I knew more about the bible than he did. So I argued back. I pulled out scriptures asked q's. But man this guy was determined. 

I had had enough. The Spirit was not there so I told him I was done talking to him and started walking off his porch. He followed behind very closely yelling at me. I clenched my fist and was ready to swing because I thought he was going to hit me. I turned around and He continued to talk, then I said some very unchoice things which left him only to be even more mad, curse, then head off inside. My companion was dumbfounded that I had been so dumb.

I got in the car and I was very angry. The first thing I did was laugh about the whole situation. But on the inside I was torn. For the next couple of weeks I joked about what I said and did to this man. But I still felt horrible. The jokes did not make it any more light than I thought they would. Months went by. But by now the guilt was worse. In my mind I had ruined this mans view of Missionaries. I believed that he would never talk to another one again and therefore never hear the beautiful truth a Loving Father in heaven was trying to give His son. I had got in this mans way to feeling true peace happiness and love.

I couldn't take it anymore. It had been months by now. I told my companion we had to go somewhere and I explained the situation. I needed to apologize. Driving towards his house was hard. My palms were very sweaty and my heart was beating very fast. I didn't want to go. But I knew I needed too. Well I got to his house. I sat in the car for a while. Then I got out. I stood at his lawn, took a deep breath and walked up the steps to his front door. It was open. I knocked. He came out. We sat down, and I apologized. Sincerely. And he did too. We ended up having a very good talk. We even shared a few laughs. We had a very good talk and left on good terms.

The guilt was gone. My burden was lifted. Humility is the key to repentance. And repentance is the key to happiness. Love you!!
Elder Verdoni

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