Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Jesus taught others and so can you!

Good afternoon! This week was very good. We had the opportunity to be taught from the director of proselyting in the missionary department. I learned a lot more about how I can be more effective and how I can better teach repentance. 

We applied what we learned and saw a lot of miracles. Inviting others to repent and come closer to the Savior is amazing. One of the people we are teaching has had a big change of heart this week. His wife and kids got baptized 6 months ago. His whole countenance is changing. He wants to change and be a better man. He desires a happier family. We invited them to pray together as a family and taught about how that is a commandment. 

He was so excited to keep this commitment he made to God. Sincere and authentic prayer is the one sure thing that will change the trajectory of our lives. It is when we can create a relationship and communicate with God. I know He listens. The power of family prayer is the one sure thing to keep happiness in a home and love in a family. I know from my experience with my family, that family prayer will change the lives of the children and parents forever.
Love you all!!!

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