Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

Well, this week was fantastic. I had a lot of fun this week. Went on some exchanges with some Elders that I came out with but never got to serve around and that was a blast. This week I have felt a strong connection with God. My prayers have changed and I feel like He is leading us to do His work. 

This last Saturday I went up to Muncie to baptize "C"! Not sure if y'all remember, but she was the one we found on a park bench the day we prayed and knew that God would lead us to find someone to baptize! After two months it happened! It's actually a really sweet story. Previous to us finding her she had been praying to Heavenly Father that He would show her a new path. A way to more happiness and to know God more. And then we met! After two months of trials, she has broken out of the darkness and found the light that Jesus Christ brings.

Heavenly Father truly hears our prayers. He loves us. He wants good to happen in our lives. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is how we can live to find happiness. Love you!
Elder Verdoni

Letter to home
We did a new missionary training on Tuesday.  A lot of the trainers are my good friends, and the new missionaries are cool too. That really was awesome. We went on two exchanges with some missionaries and I finally got to work with some elders I came out with. One is actually from Mesa who I dove against! Elder Demke. Pretty cool huh?

The best day of the week I think was Saturday. We drove up to Muncie in the morning and ate lunch with 4 other elders up there. We went to this burger place and we all ate 7 inch tall burgers, I was stuffed all day. It was good though. But then we went to C's baptism! I got to baptize her. when we went around to the font I noticed that the font had been draining the whole time! nothing like fun stories at a baptism. We waited another 20 min for it to fill. I was wet the whole time because I had to tighten the drain. The baptism went great though. I was so happy and filled with the spirit. There was a ton of missionaries there too and that was great.

Yesterday we spoke at another ward, well technically it's a group, not big enough to be a branch, its becoming one next week. It's on the fourth floor of a bank in downtown hamilton! that was a ton of fun. We are driving up to fort wayne today to pick up some departing missionaries. I love you!

 "Even Mormon missionaries enjoy learning at a museum 
on their preparation day. The message on this display 
is so appropriate for these young men." W. Foister

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