Thursday, January 19, 2017

Jan 16, 2016

I had a lot of fun this week. It got pretty warm like in the 60's. We didn't get any freezing rain unfortunately. Just a lot of rain. the average temp was like 37. It was pretty warm actually. I only needed a light coat. It was actually in the high 60's on Wednesday. It's weird over here, when it rains it actually gets warmer. Still not used to it. 

This week was so great!! Monday was one of my favorite days. We went to the airport and picked up the new missionaries! That was a special day. It brought back memories from when I got picked up. I will never forget that day. I still remember the assistants. I thought they were so cool haha. Elder Tanner and Elder Beckman. The fun part is, I have changed so much and this has blessed my life more than I could have even thought of and met my best friends out here and it will do the same for them. And they have no idea! haha they are just tired and nervous. It was fun to be the first ones they meet. We were with them for the whole day. Then the next day was transfers! that was a blast too! 

My companion and I made a really big focus on making sure we turn everything to Heavenly Father. If this is His work then we shouldn't focus on trying to do it ourselves. We saw so many miracles. We literally had people calling us this week. 

One of the coolest experiences was on Saturday. We went to a part of our area that we never go to. I was driving and I missed the house so instead of turning around I parked and we walked. We knocked twice but no one answered. As we walked off the porch we ran into somebody on the sidewalk. He immediately recognized us. It turns out that Elder Macfarlane met him 6 months ago in another area. He had just moved into our ward onWednesdayy! And now we're teaching his whole family. When you rely on God He will work things out. Love you!
Elder Verdoni


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