Monday, January 16, 2017

Jan 9, 2017 - Cold

This week got really cold! On Saturday we moved an elderly lady and it was 4 degrees outside haha. It was a blast. We helped a lot of people move. At one point we had to move another elderly lady and the stuff was too long for our truck so we used a bull whip to tie it down. Thanks Kanosh. 

This week flew by. We taught a lot of people and saw some of my friends go home to their families. We went up to Fort Wayne and Muncie to pick up departing missionaries! We went to the airport again on Wednesday morning. It was a sad trip kinda. I had a lot of good friends going home on that one. One companion too, Elder Love! And all the Sisters I came out with went home that day too. That was weird. I have been out longer than all the Sisters now haha. But wow this last transfer has gone by so fast.  Transfers are tomorrow and I'm staying with my companion. That the first time that has happened in over a year haha. 

God really does love us. He knows His children. How we can find true happiness and healing to our souls is through serving our brothers and sisters. That's what I have learned this week. I was a little frustrated and angry at first with some of the situations we were in and I had to take a step back. I was angry because I had a chance to serve and bless one of my sisters and One of Gods children. I quickly humbled myself and realized that life is not about me or "my time." Look for opportunities to bless. I love you!!

Oh and I went to an air force museum, that was sweet!  I went in a flight simulator with Elder Taylor and that was a blast!

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