Monday, February 20, 2017

Feb 20, 2017

Good morning! This week has been an amazing. Last Monday a good crew of us including the Welchs went to the Zoo! It was a lot of fun. 

The week has been full of very small miracles of finding people who have been prepared. One of the biggest was Andrew's baptism! He is one of the coolest people I have met. He is a way solid guy. He really desired this. One of the things he talked about the most was that He knew that this would give him a new beginning. A fresh start. He can start over and have God's power in his life. 

Elder Macfarlane is leaving. He is going back to Utah! He has been one of the greatest friends I have made and I am sad to see him go. But life is life. My new companion is Elder Demke! He is also from Mesa and we both came out together so I am really excited.

Life is just so good. God truly does love us. Things really just seem to work out, when you have faith in Jesus Christ. Well, I love ya!
Elder Verdoni


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