Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Feb 6, 2017

Hello everyone! Had a great time this week. It was really busy with a lot of meetings. But we are still seeing His Grace every day. It's amazing to see the love Heavenly Father has for His children.

We went to the tallest tower in Cincinnati on Monday. That was a blast. I am doing well and I am safe. I also found a bullet on the ground. "That's a 38 special, shot from a revolver. Look! they tried to shoot it. You can see a mark from the firing pin. It must have been a dud."- Elder Macfarlane.

We had another Zone Conference on Tuesday in my old Stake, Cincinnati East. I spent 10 and half months of my mission in that stake! 3 in Maysville and 7 and a half in Montgomery. It was fun to be back in that building. New missionary training was on Wednesday and the Mission Leadership Council on Friday! That was probably the best MLC I have ever been to. There was such a strong Spirit there. I learned a lot.

Saturday and Sunday were great too. We had Stake Conference. They broadcast to our building but the sound didn't work. You will never guess what they did. So at Stake Conference, they had someone call someone in our building, then they set their phone on the pulpit their and the receiving phone plugged theirs into the chapel speakers! It was definitely interesting for sure. You couldn't really understand much but if you paid attention you could feel the Spirit. It went great though. Our most progressing investigator still enjoyed it. He is so solid and converted. He is getting baptized in two weeks! But that was my week. Love ya!!

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