Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mar 20, 2017

We had a really cool experience with finding this week! We had a thought after we prayed to go visit a family that we contacted a month ago. We knocked on their door and the grandmother let us in. She looked really distraught. She was dealing with a bunch of paperwork to keep her mother in a nursing home because she had a massive stroke, which left blind and deaf. She can't really speak anymore either. We testified of God's love and the Restoration of Christ's gospel. She cried and was at peace. We left a book of Mormon and asked for referrals. Her grandkids she is raising quickly piped up and shared their friends. They walked us over to their friend's house and that mom let us in too! then her kids gave us referrals. It was a fun chase for sure. I am doing very well and its finally starting to get warm.
Sure Love you!

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