Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Lord's Work

Hello everyone! I hope you had a good week. This was probably one of the better weeks of my mission. All that really changed was how I looked at the world. I relooked at this as being the Lord's work. Somewhere along the way I lost that vision and started to put a lot of the weight on my shoulders. I got stressed and a little overwhelmed. But I remembered that it's not my work and that Jesus Christ has all power to fulfill his works. and it was great!

We received a referral from when new went they were in complete distress. their life was in chaos. we talked and testified of Jesus Christ and said a prayer with them. When we left they were comforted and the spirit was in their home.

As we were out walking a man stopped us and asked us what church we were from. after we told him, he explained that he had been trying to find our church for a while. He was Catholic for a long time. Like hardcore too. Very devout. But his 24 year old son died a couple years ago. And that really hurt him. Things didn't sit with him anymore. He then lost a 19 year old son to Leukemia. then his older brother also passed away with Leukemia. He himself was diagnosed and it is coming around again for the second. time. He just wants to know that there is life on the other side. He wants to be happy. He came to church on Sunday and he loved it. We are going to teach him the plan of Salvation tonight.

Things are great. I'm great. I hope you're great. love you!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May 22, 2017

Hey guys! This week was really good! We found a lot of people this week. saw some sweet miracles. We were able to teach a lot of people the message of the Restoration. It was really sweet to see the Spirit work in their hearts as we bore testimony of the truthfulness of the message, the greater part was when they accepted the Book of Mormon and read it. It has been a good week. 
I love you all! 
Elder Verdoni

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Green Skies and good times

May 1, 2017

Hello! Things went well this week. It was a great one actually. Saturday morning we went on a nice run. There was some cloud cover but it was bright outside. Right before we started studying it was pitch black outside. I went outback and the sky was dark green and the wind was blowing the trees half over. I've never seen it rain so hard. The lightning was loud. One struck so close around the corner that I jumped and our fire alarm started to go off. Haha that was a bright one. Luckily there were no tornados. I thought there was going to be one. Really neat storm.

But we had an amazing lesson with these people. We haven't been able to see them for a while. We took a youth from the ward with us and he actually goes to high school with the son of the person we teach. Anyway, we started teaching about the restoration. She has heard it before but we were going through it again. I felt the Spirit so strong as we testified and as she testified. She had received a priesthood blessing weeks before because she has cancer and it was so sweet to hear her testify she knew that was from Heavenly Father. She talked about how she always feels so good after we leave. And I asked her if she knew how she could feel like that every day. She looked at me and asked how. I pointed and said, the Book of Mormon. The first thing she asked was, "Where do I start?" Oh, it was great! The Spirit is so amazing and can truly touch the hearts of those we teach.