Monday, June 26, 2017

My Last Email

Jun 26, 2017

Hello everyone! Where has the time gone? These last two years have been amazing. I cannot express with words the feelings I have right now. I am so thankful for the blessing it was to serve here. I have really come to know Jesus Christ on a personal level. I have seen Him change people's lives, and He has changed mine. I have put my trust in Him and will put my trust in Him forever. I have learned for myself that Heavenly Father loves me. I can never earn His love. He already loves me. He has supported me always.

I still can't believe that the time has come. Here is a small breakdown of my mission:
Area #1: Fort Wayne, Indiana - 6 months
Companions: Elder Heiner - 3 months
Elder Taylor - 3 months

Area #2: Maysville, Kentucky - 3 months
Companions: Elder Grover - 7 weeks
Elder Broderick - 7 weeks

Area #3: Montgomery, Ohio - 71/2 months
Companions: Elder Lemieux - 6 weeks
Elder Love - 6 weeks
Elder Mckay - 6 weeks
Elder Keleher - 5 weeks
Elder Geary - 1 week
Elder Bee - 6 weeks

Area #4: Ball State University (Muncie, IN) - 6 weeks
Companions: Elder Palmer - 6 weeks

Area #5 Western Hills, OH - 41/2 months
Companions: Elder Macfarlane & Elder Mckay (Trio for 2 1/2 weeks)
Elder Macfarlane - 3 months
Elder Demke & Elder Holmes (Trio) - 6 weeks

Area #6: Hebron, KY - 3 months
Companions: Elder Folino - 3 weeks
Elder Allred - 9 weeks

I have loved my mission. I have had great companions. I have loved my areas. The members are supportive. The work is flourishing. I have truly witnessed the Hand of God work wonders in the lives of others and in my life as well. I love you. 
See you soon.

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