Monday, February 8, 2016

Feb 8, 2016

Transfers were last week! Elder Broderick is my new companion. We were in the MTC together so we already knew each other! which cuts out that awkward first week of trying to get to know each other haha. He is awesome. He is so willing to work hard, which is what we do in Maysville. 

We had such a good first week together. Our first night we put two people on date for baptism. They fell off because they missed church but they will be back on very soon. We met so many of our goals this week. Including 10 new investigators! that was so awesome! 

The biggest miracle however was at church. So all of our investigators cancelled and none were going to show up to church, when suddenly two people walk in the door. Neither us or the sisters recognized them. So I went up and started talking to them. Turns out they just moved here from Colorado and were meeting with missionaries out there! So now we are teaching them! It was such a huge blessing and miracle. And they loved church. It was so cool. Truly a tender mercy of the Lord. 

I definitely know that as we try our hardest and do our best Heavenly Father will deliver, even when you think He cant. He will. I love all of you!
Elder Verdoni

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