Monday, March 14, 2016

Mar 14, 2016

Fun week

If I had to describe this week in one word, it would be Fun. I had a great week. We got so much work done and we were ourselves. I think sometimes I can get caught up in being "that missionary" you know like a robot, but when I am myself, I enjoy life a lot more. 
This was one of the greatest weeks I've had, like a lot of work got done. 

I got a new camera, that has a screen on the front for selfies. So that was like the best thing ever. But I have just been super happy lately. I know for a surety That Heavenly Father created us and that He loves us. We are His children. We have our personalities and we are all different and that is who we are supposed to be. Ourselves. We do not have to be like anyone else. We are to strive to be like our Savior. No one else. I am Elder Verdoni, not a robot. I'm awkward and weird and sometimes that makes people laugh. I love everyone. I really do. Making people smile is like my favorite thing to do. Know yourself. Trust me it will be an awesome moment when you realize that you can love who you are and be happy. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior, He has become a very close friend. I know He loves me.
Elder Verdoni

Also Transfers are next week!! :D

Letter to Mom
Thank you for the package! I loved it. The camera is so cool!!! It has a front screen and detects when I'm smiling and will just take the pic. It's soo much fun. I loved all the sweets and clovers! They are so much fun too. 

This week was really good. On Monday we drove up to Cherrygrove (where the zone leaders are, it right outside of Cincy) to have a zone sports day. We all chilled at the Eastgate Sisters' backyard and played sports and had a pot luck! I made grandma's chicken enchilada. It was gone in seconds. Anyway but that was way fun. I really love this transfer. I cant believe it's almost over. 

We went on exchanges with the zone leaders right after. I went with Elder Bluth in Cherrygrove. It was the best exchange I've ever been on. We got a lot of work done, I learned so much, and I haven't laughed as much as I did on that exchange than I have for the past three months. It was great. Elder Broderick had an amazing exchange too! So we love our zone leaders. 

We went on splits with the young men on Wednesday and that was really cool. Friday we had district meeting and we went on another exchange with the district leader. That was really fun. And Saturday we found a lot of new people to teach. Sunday we had Branch conference. There was 110 people there! If we keep that up we will be a ward in no time. We had a linger longer afterwards where everyone made food and we ate it! there was tons of food. I love this Branch!

Elder Cromar
with Elder Broderick
St Patrick's Day package

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